My Top Picks: Gifts Under $30


"Nothing makes me happier than nailing a gift"!

My friend Melanie said this to me recently - after I couldn't say enough about the highly practical and super cute compost bin she bought me as a house-warming gift. My husband also loves her to death: no more folded over leaky compost bags on our kitchen counter.  In fact, in the month since she gave us the gift, it has been raved about almost every day. Now, that's what I call nailing a gift.

So I decided that I was going to follow Melanie's lead and nail not one, but ALL, of my Christmas gifts. I work at a super cool store after all, so nothing should be easier.  The thing about me though, is that I give a lot of gifts: for my kids' teachers, their caregivers, our mailman, my neighbours and the list goes on. I consider Christmas the time when I take a moment to appreciate the people who are in my life, even in a small way, and with so many people to appreciate (I have a really great life) I have to be a real stickler for budget.

And so *tah dah!* these are my "nailed it" picks for gifts under $30. (-;

Pictured Above:  Anna Zygowski mittlets: these are for the ladies who type all day - keep those fingers toasty! $28 / Maple Syrup Tea Towel: Handmade by us, and perfect for all of those who like the sweet stuff!) $24 / Ceramic Earrings: Handcrafted in Quebec and just lovely. $28 / Flamingo Scarf: Who wouldn't love it? $28 

Happy hunting!


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