Win this Warm & Wonderful Ladder Stripe Loop Scarf!

While Christina & I have been ogling Olena Zylak’s collection for almost 10 years (!), this is the first season that we have had the pleasure of carrying her fabulous winter accessories at Workshop! ┬áThe minute the box came in it was pandemonium at the shop: everyone wanting to try everything on, so many different styles & colours…a crazy free-for-all! Yet somehow…I ended up with the same scarf as Christina. Go figure. (-:

So…if today (Day 6 of our epic 28 Days of Giveaways) is your lucky day then you may be taking home one of her Made in Ontario wonders!


Bridget & Christina


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  1. Heather says:

    I love Olena’s homemade outerwear! The year she uses is so soft and love her colour choices and unique and funky designs