The Year of the Clutch

this is the one i have my eye on!

i have decided that this year is the year of the clutch, for me anyway!  i know many of you ladies out there have been carrying these ever so fashionable accents for years, but i have always erred on the side of practicality and i have just never found clutches that practical.

that is until i showed up at a wedding last summer in a great dress, super cute heels and… my giant black leather purse with the strap across my chest…hmmm…not super cute, i could have given that a bit more thought!

this year, i won’t have the same problem thanks to celia, of paco&lupe, who just sent us a great box filled with 6 of her beautiful, bright and bold, wedding appropriate clutches…now the only decision is which one to buy!


  1. celia says:

    Thanks so much for the mention. I am so happy you like them. More to come… xoxo, Celia