got your fall armour ready?

it’s amazing how the warm weather lasted so late this year and yet, somehow, i was still blindsided my chill of this past weekend! i ran into katie from victoire while i waited at the bus stop saturday morning – she looked all cosy in a lovely fall coat, complete with a cute scarf and hat…and i was somehow trying to pretend that a raincoat was enough to keep my goosebumps at bay! i’m a bit ashamed to admit that i was also bare-legged…what was i thinking?

well, i put a stop to that this morning. i went right to flock and purchased 2 new tunics and leggings to match. ┬ánow i will be toasty, warm and stylish all at the same time! this twiss & weber tunic is one of my faves…super cute, work wearable and e.a.s.y. to throw on!