* We’re Giving Away a $50 Gift Certificate! *

The sun is finally shining and Flock and Workshop are both packed with super cute summer fling dresses and great separates in all kinds of patio-perfect styles and colours!

That makes this weekend the time to pop by (while walking with an iced latte and chatting with an old friend) and see what our fabulous Canadian designers have been up to!

Personally, I have become Annie 50 obsessed this season – I’m not ashamed to admit that I have even bought the same dress in two different fabrics…when I love it, I really take it to the limit! (-:

So…in the spirit of Spring, we’re giving away a $50 gift certificate to use on a great splashy new frock at one of our shops! Enter today using the Rafflecopter widget below! Contest closes tomorrow (Friday, May 3rd) at midnight.

Have a happy, crafty, family and friend-filled, fun, sunny weekend!


The ladies of Workshop and Flock

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Workshop’s Spring Trunk Sale: March 28-April 1st, 2013!

As usual, our very organized customers have been calling and asking us for the date of our SPRING TRUNK SALE so here it is: March 28-April 1st (Easter weekend)! The big opening party will be on Thursday March 28th at 6pm where there is sure to be the best of deals, some fun goodies for munchin’, and me at the change rooms acting as the evening drill sergeant…I know you ladies love it!

The fun doesn’t end there though, because we’ve decided to officially hold the sale over for the whole weekend – this is for those of you who give us those sad puppy faces when you can’t make it the night of the event.  And because the sale is going to go on for 5 days, we have even more designers involved and even more great canadian made stuff at fantastic prices!  But don’t forget that after Monday at 6pm, everything magically turns in to a pumpkin (goes back to the designers), so don’t miss it!

For those of you who are new to the cult of the trunk sale, here are the basics: once in the Spring and once in the Fall Workshop invites a few of their favourite designers to participate in our trunk sale: they ship us tons and tons of great clothes, accessories and jewelry which are from past seasons collections, slightly damaged items, weird sizes (the xs people clean up at this event!), samples, etc! Our designers get to clean out their studio spaces and our customers get to pad their closets!  the deals are great – up to 70% off!

More details and sneak peeks can be found on our facebook page!

Put it in your calendar and don’t forget to join us!


The ladies of Workshop

Updating my handbag!

Paco Lupe bag, blue

everybody knows that spring is mostly about cute sundresses and fun shoes…but one of my favourite spring rituals is cleaning out my dark leather purse, putting it on a shelf, and finding a new, lighter weight, brighter coloured one for spring!

this is the one i have my eye on for this season…

So many new things…so many more on the way…

the ladies at both flock and workshop have been out of their minds with all the great stock that keeps showing up on our doorstep!  the hold bin is bursting and i recognize most of the names on the slips…therein lies the best perk of the job!  (-:

and the good news, of course, is that it’s not going to stop any time soon!  this great floral top should be coming in on thursday…i’m super excited to start adding a few pieces to the hold bin too! (-:

Spring must be around the corner…

the ultimate spring hoodie...i'm in love.

one of my favourite things about our shops is that our designers work more with the seasons than traditional stores…we don’t put christmas decorations up in october and we don’t have a shop full of sundresses on january 1st!

that doesn’t mean, however, that i don’t get excited about the arrival of new stock. on the contrary, nobody gets more excited about new goodies than me! i do a little dance, kiss the postman and then head to the changeroom to try on said new items at once!

and so, i’m super excited to announce that our first spring shipment arrived yesterday! it’s teeny tiny, but it wins in the cute department – check out these hoodies – the eco fabric is super soft and the colours are unbelievable! the bright orangey red pictured about is available at Workshop, so stop by and check it out! Flock has a cloudy pale bluey-purple combo. Handmade in Montreal.

spring: i’m waiting for you…



an open letter to spring…

cape pic

dear spring:

please understand that while i love all seasons equally, my heart is wanting spring to come so i can wear this cape, my new wardrobe staple. i’m sure you can understand that a piece this cute just can’t sit in my closet for much longer!