this will look great on my wall…

so….i know it’s not going to make me very popular to talk about something that i just bought which is lovely and fun and sure to bring great joy to the guests who filter through my living room…and then say that nobody can have said piece of loveliness except me.  but that’s what i’m going to do today.

i bought this great piece of fabric art, stretched over canvas, at flock yesterday.  it was a one of a kind piece, handmade by the lovely robyn of shibang design.  robyn is an amazing fiber artist, art-educated at NSCAD, and her work is a complex and beautiful collage of fabric, thread, tuile and various other bright and unusual pieces. i have one of her clutches and one of her laptop sleeves (which garners a lot of attention every time i pull it out at a cafe).  this is the first time robyn has ever sent us a piece to lovingly adorn a wall.  and i bought it.

so robyn…you can’t leave all of the special people who read this blog without canvas wrapped fibre art of their own. right? right.  please send us some more love!