Lace Inspired Loveliness

as many of you know, i’m not much of an afternoon blogger.  i tend to get up early in the morning, go into the shop when it’s calm and quiet and wandering around looking at all of the pretty things.  i then usually find something that makes me smile, take a pic of it, and share it with all of you.

today though, my day got off to an early start, followed by much chaos (surrounding the impending de-stash which is getting crazier, better and more exciting by the minute) so i didn’t have a moment to stop, think and share.

then i ran into christina who excitedly showed me pics of a new collection of jewellery we just received! sheena hand casts her jewellery using bits of vintage lace. isn’t that lovely?  these pieces are so unique, i can’t wait to go into the shops and see them in person.  maybe i’ll see you there!