2 Weeks left in our End-of-Season SALE!

for some reason, yesterday was super funny and busy day at both shops!  it was very unexpected because as all you o-towners know, it was a crazy weather day, full of freezing rain and requiring super careful footsteps (an elderly lady i walked by on the way home told me to be more careful when i wiped out at her feet), hmmm…

anyway, the ladies who were in the shops yesterday – no surprise – scored some amazing deals (like the red dress above, it’s gone!) since it’s officially the very end of the season and our sale is at its peak!  this is what prompted me to write a little log post: it’s my sticky note to each of you: you have a couple of weeks left to score end of season, made in canada goodies on sale!  hope to see you there…tread slowly!  (-:


The Season of Markdowns

Keli has put her great collection 50% off!

Since winter has come so late this year, January may actually be the perfect time to shop for the season! I mean seriously – I’ve only just begun to wear my sweaters and sweater dresses, winter tunics and leggings…and now almost everything is on sale!

Pop by Workshop and Flock for the largest end of season sale we have ever had…most of our designers have marked down their collections and some of them have been really serious about it! The time to spend those gift certificates and all of that good christmas money is now…see you in the shop soon! (-;

Here are a few sneak peeks…follow us on facebook for more!

I'm obsessed with this skirt! Was $258, now $155, Christina bought it today!

We all love Mandy's collection and now it's on sale! Was $148, now $118...there are only a few left, so come in and take a look!

Let’s have a SALE!

this is always my favourite time of the the year…super sales on independent designers, what could better?  over half of our clothes and some of our jewellery and accessories are on s.a.l.e. so now is the time to come in and bulk up on that handmade wardrobe!


the ladies of workshop and flock

Workshop Trunk Sale!

trunksale web 2011 spring

Hey Ladies!

We’re having our 3rd annual Spring Trunksale on Thursday March 24, 2011 from 6pm – 9pm! Eight of our favourite designers are sending us special shipments of past collections, slightly damaged items and samples at heavily discounted prices! It’s a great way to jumpstart your spring wardrobe!

There will also be fun, food and lots of laughs…maybe even an unplanned water feature like last time…hee hee!

The ladies of Flock & Workshop Studio & Boutique