teeny tiny elf-like hands hard at work!

when do those little elves find the time?!

a couple of months ago, the lovely laura vo asked me if it would be okay to do a bit of painting on the walls of the classroom space in the basement of flock.  because she’s so crafty and fun, i said sure. weeks and weeks went by and i kept an eye on those walls, but nothing changed. probably because little laura was spending all of her time organizing the chaos that christina and i create daily in the basement (someone said it looked like a chicken coop on fire), so she didn’t have much time!

then, friday i popped down there to get a box and i saw the most lovely painted outlines.  a few days later, i walked into the basement and noticed that some ladies had been hard at work over the weekend. i can’t wait to see how this all turns out…



friday morning...

yesterday morning...surprise!