Nov 7th: Purple Urchin Pop-Up Apothecary & Two Great GIVEAWAYS!!

Purple Urchin Pop-Up Apothecary. Nov 7th, 6-8pm. Flock Boutique.

We couldn’t be more excited about Support Local Month and we’re celebrating our love of all things local by partnering with the wild and wonderful ladies of Purple Urchin to bring you a one-night-only apothecary in our basement!

Check out the facebook event.

They look pretty fun, don’t they?

The Pop-Up Apothecary:

Join us for a super fun evening where we’ll be launching Purple Urchin at Flock. As fans of these ladies and their amazing handmade soap products, we couldn’t be happier to have their goods at the shop! With the Holidays just around the cornier, we’re already hoping some Purple Urchin goodness will make it into our stockings!

Join us for the kick off party! We’ve got loads of great stuff planned:

* The first 50 guests will receive a gift bag filled with awesome goodies from Purple Urchin and Flock!

* Bring your friends and get treated to a relaxing hand massage!

* The ladies will also be on hand to help you mix up your very own batch of Sugar Scrub to take home with you! How awesome is that???

* In case all this free stuff, pampering and crafting has you working up an appetite, we’ll have some tasty home baked treats on hand too!

And…just so you are all as excited as we are, we’ve decided to do a couple of giveaways!  WIN one of the packages of goodies in this pic!  Enter below. Contest ends on Wednesday, Nov 6th at midnight.

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The Ladies of Flock

Love Your ‘Hood? Win these coasters!

We are very much into civic pride at both Workshop and Flock.  We *love* our city (yay Ottawa!) and we love that more and more unique and interesting neighbourhoods seem to be popping up in our city and around our shops.

When we saw these fabulous coasters, handmade by the duo behind Versatile Designs, we just had to have them.  It’s the ultimate gift for the Ottawan who has everything, don’t you think?

Today, as part of our big 28 Days of Giveaways, you can win a set of these great coasters sporting a neighbourhood of your choice (subject to availability, of course)!


Bridget & Christina, Lovers of Beautiful and Interesting Things

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Feb 22nd: WIN this little house (pendant) by Sarah Hallman!

Many of you crafty Ottawans will surely know the work of Sarah Hallman.  I know I have personally spent hours gawking at her lovely and intricate etched glass pieces, musing about how each would look in the front window of my home.

Good news, then!

Today, as part of our epic 28 Days of Handmade Goodness, we are giving away this little etched glass pendant of Sarah’s.  It may be too small to hang in the window…but I’m sure you won’t have trouble finding a place for it! (-:


Bridget & Christina
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Day 19: WIN this necklace by Pulp & Paisley!

Cara Hunter, of Pulp & Paisley, was one of Workshop’s first designers, way back when…8 years ago now! Her collection was quite a bit different then…but we ran in to her this summer and we couldn’t be more excited about her new designs! Welcome back Cara! (-:

Today, as part of our 28 Days of Giveaways (otherwise known as complete handmade madness), you can win one of Cara’s creations!


Bridget & Christina

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Feb 18th: WIN This Set of Ottawa Blocks!

These blocks are just about the cutest, most original gift I can think of for a little one: with sweet pics of a bunch of fun places in our nation’s capital (otherwise known as *home*), they were made by designer Fidoodle for the hip Ottawa baby!

WIN A SET TODAY as part of our big 28 Days of Giveaways!


Bridget & Christina

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We’re Giving Away Some Angel Wings!

I’ll confess to never having owned a shoe accessory before (unless you count the friendship pins on the laces of my sneakers in the 80s) but these angel wings have me quite excited!  I mean, if you could, say, f.l.y…wouldn’t you?

We’re giving away a pair of these gold beauties, handmade here in Ottawa by local duo Twiss & Weber as part of our big 28 Days of Giveaways so enter now…and you may just start to feel a little bounce in your step!  (-;


Bridget & Christina


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Espresso Please!

i  decided to check out Art-Is-In’s great new york style cafe this weekend, so i found myself headed out to City Centre.  City Centre is very close to my house, yet not somewhere i go often.  in fact, in 8 years in ottawa, i think i have been there twice.  or maybe just once… and i can’t even remember was i was there for.

so when i was told that City Centre was home to Ottawa’s hot new bakery-du-jour, i had to see it for myself.  and see it i did!  what a place – super cute right down to the lovely white bistro tables in the parking lot next to the unloading transport trucks (seriously)!

it’s probably no secret to many of you that Art-Is-In makes the most shamelessly fabulous bread around (that’s what those huge line ups at the landsdowne park farmers’ market are all about), but did you know that they also make top shelf croissants? flat breads? duck confit sandwiches?  Go there. Try It. I guarantee love that won’t wear off once the sugar rush has!



i may be channeling my inner cindy lauper, but i have always loved and still love thick, heavy bangles.  these ones, which are brand new at workshop, are extra beautiful because they are handmade unfinished wood (love that look!) which burnt etching of cute little birdies, trees and flowers on them.  perfect to pair with a great single colour dress (of which we have many!) for summer!  handmade in ottawa too!  $38

Transfers to Flock have never been this much fun!

i’m sure most ottawa natives know that between our two shops (Workshop in the Byward market and Flock in Wellington West) lies the beautiful and scenic ottawa river pathway.  i knew it too, but since i live smack dab in the middle of both shops, but not on the parkway, i had never used the huge bike trail that connect our two neighbourhoods.  today i needed to transfer 4 dresses and 1 belt from workshop to flock for customers and decided to do it by bike.  what a lovely experience!  it felt like i was biking in some remote part of gatineau park (seriously, huge trees block out any view/noise from the downtown which lies right behind them).

so…here’s my idea:  some saturday morning, you and a friend plus bikes head out to workshop.  shop dalhousie a bit – check out workshop, milk, victoire, young janes and nest, have the fab breakfast at murray street on dal, get your toes painted at daya, then hop back on your bikes, along the ottawa river pathway.  get off at parkdale, pick up some goodies at the market, shop wellington west and stop for lunch at any of the gazillion great restos in the hood.  you’ll get sunshine, fresh air, a little workout, much shopping eye candy, and you may even run into some geese along the way.  a perfect day in urban ottawa…hmmm….tomorrow is looking sunny!  (-;

4 More Reasons to Love O-Town!

on friday i skipped out of work early and broke my little 3 year old out of daycare for some old fashioned clandestine fun!  we started by checking out the flour shoppe ( in the glebe since we had tried last winter and sadly ended up there on a monday (who buys cupcakes on mondays?) when they were closed.  my daughter, who never forgets a thing, decided that we should try again.  we did.  the results were lovely and delicious – we had a mother-daughter window-side chat while eating cupcakes (we put our fingers in every one of the 6 we bought…the peanut butter was our fave).  the owners were also lovely, all in all, a fab afternoon stop!

then we went to the park where we ran into katie from victoire (, one of our favourite shops, and had a chat and a bit of post-rain playground playtime with her little cutie-pie!

then we hit the red apron (, one of our go-to places for pre-made meals full of local ingredients and yummy goodness, but they were closed!  we looked at the sign – they were supposed to be open.  hmmm… then we saw another sign (how did we miss that?!) that they are moving to a bigger and better location right across the street!  congrats ladies!

could a rainy friday in ottawa get any better than this?  yes!  ayan topped it off with a swim with her daddy at plant bath!

ottawa, you’re the best friend a girl and her daughter could ever have!