Feb 3rd: Giveaway by Olena Zylak

I met Olena Zylak over 10 years ago and I was as in love with her collection then as I am now.  It’s impossible for me to leave the house with throwing on one of her cosy scarfs and my absolute favourite three button hat.  That way, no matter how far I have to walk, I know I’ll be warm and toasty.

The thing about Olena’s collection (aside from the fact that it is super warm and not itchy…even when you are running for the bus) is that it has always been handmade right here in Ontario.  Olena, a Toronto native, now lives and works in historic Collingwood, Ontario.

Maybe that’s how she knows that legwarmers shouldn’t slide down and hats should cover our ears! (-;

Today, as part of our exciting and fun 28 Days of Giveaways, you can win one of Olena’s Ladder Stripe Loop Scarves (colour: chocolate milk), sure to be your new favourite!  Enter below. Contest closes at midnight.


The Ladies of Workshop and Flock
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Win this Warm & Wonderful Ladder Stripe Loop Scarf!

While Christina & I have been ogling Olena Zylak’s collection for almost 10 years (!), this is the first season that we have had the pleasure of carrying her fabulous winter accessories at Workshop!  The minute the box came in it was pandemonium at the shop: everyone wanting to try everything on, so many different styles & colours…a crazy free-for-all! Yet somehow…I ended up with the same scarf as Christina. Go figure. (-:

So…if today (Day 6 of our epic 28 Days of Giveaways) is your lucky day then you may be taking home one of her Made in Ontario wonders!


Bridget & Christina


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