**** Listen Sweetie, Momma’s Gotta Shop! **** Flock Boutique, Dec 11th 10am-Noon

Listen Sweetie, Momma’s Gotta Shop!

Sunday, December 11th, 10am to Noon

Do your holiday shopping at Flock!

The crafty ladies of Flock Boutique will busy your little ones making art-inspired Holiday ornaments while you take a moment to find the perfect thing for everyone on your list.

Consider it a mommy-break!

Brunch-inspired goodies will be provided.

Bring friends, this is going to be fun!

The facebook event can be found here.

Beads for Somalia Part 2

Ayan and Carlo’s Beads for Somalia Project (see previous post) got a huge boost today when the lovely Jessie of Dalhousie Parent’s Daycare agreed to  help the kids paint their beads!  She jumped right in and organized about 30 preschoolers and a dozen kindies to paint, paint, paint!  thanks Jessie, this project has taken a great leap because of you!

So…before Jessie and her crew of helpers could paint, Ayan and Carlo had to step up and make a ton of beads…210 to be exact!  here’s how it was done…

first we made the dough for the beads using a very old school recipe that i’m pretty sure my mom made more than a thousand times (i had a very crafty mom).

the great thing about the dough is that it’s easy to make and although it looks and feels like cookie dough, it tastes like salt, so you don’t have to spend precious mommy and me time saying “please get that out of your mouth”!  if any of you mommies out there are looking for a fun end of summer activity to do with your kiddies, here’s the recipe:

1 1/4 c white flour,  1 1/4 c salt,  3/4 c warm water, 1 tbsp vegetable oil

just soften the salt into the warm water, add the flour and oil and have the kids mix…easy.

then we made shapes, poked holes in them with a bbq skewer and put them in the oven, low heat for about 1.5 hours, and presto!  we had the lovely, wonderfully handmade beads you see in my final pic! it will be great to see what they look like after they are painted…stay tuned!

for those of you who are reading about our project for the first time, all of these beads will be sold by donation at workshop and flock.  all funds raised (we are hoping to raise $1000) will go to relief efforts in somalia.  congrats to the young ones who came up with this great idea, we’re so proud to help you turn your ideas into action!

Beads for Somalia

what could be cuter than socially aware 3 year olds?

the young ones of flock boutique are showing us all how it’s done! they are hand making beads (making the dough too!) to sell at the shop, with all the proceeds going to the Red Cross for efforts in Somalia.  (some of them think the beads are going to Somalia, which could be fun too).

well done kiddies!

so, that’s the plan, and they need help!  they are busily making beads to give out to flock’s pint sized customers – so they can take them home, paint them, and bring them back to flock so they can be sold.

your little one wants to help? perfect, this project needs helpers!  by next week, flock will have beads ready to take home and be painted! just stop by the shop, pick some up, take them home to paint and bedazzle, and bring them back!

keep posted for updates on this project!  we hope to raise $1000 (the beads are being sold by donation) and a whole lot of awareness!

Flock Boutique is now hosting Crafty Parties!

Flock Boutique is now offering private classes for special events like bridal showers and birthday parties for crafty people of all ages! We have two options for adult parties and two options for kids. All classes are held at Flock Boutique at 1275 Wellington Street West. For questions or registration please call Flock Boutique at (613) 695-0834 or email info@flockboutique.ca


Beginner Jewellery Party

$45+HST (special guest is free!), 3 hrs

Minimum 6 participants required (maximum of 10)

You can learn all of the basics of beaded jewellery making in less than 3 hours! No experience is required and you will leave the party with between 4 and 8 finished pairs of earrings.


Needle Felting/Beginner Jewellery Party

$60+HST (special guest is free!), 3.5 hrs

Minimum 6 participants required (maximum of 10)

In this class you will learn the basics of both needle felting and making your own beaded jewellery! All materials will be provided and you will leave with your own felted item, a few pairs of earrings and all the skills you need to do it over and over again!


Mixed Media Art Class for Kids!

$25+HST (special guest is free!), 2 hours

Minimum 4 participants required (maximum  of 7)

1-2 Parent Volunteers required for supervision

Join Flock Boutique for an artistic afternoon of collage and creativity! In this class students will have a chance to use their imagination to create a fantastic piece of art to decorate your home with!


Cupcake Decorating Class for Kids!

$25+HST (special guest is free!), 1.5 hrs

Minimum 4 participants required (maximum  of 7)

1-2 Parent Volunteers required for supervision

Swing by Flock Boutique for an afternoon of cake, icing, art and excitement! In this class kids will plan, create and consume (in moderation!) cupcakes to bring home for the whole family to enjoy! Please note that ingredients may contain traces of nuts and that students should bring an apron or oversized shirt to protect their clothes.


Goodies for your Happy Camper!

Lynn at Workshop with one of her pieces!

The talented and fantastic Lynn of Electropura is now selling her collection of re-worked vintage finds at both Workshop and Flock!  We’re always on the lookout for fab duds for the little hipsters out there and now we’ve got some!  come in and check out her stuff – each piece is one-of-a-kind and, of course, totally recycled…here’s her eco-hurrah!  flock’s own little chicken bought one of her pieces (she borrowed the money) and she is pictured sporting it a few blog posts back (see Mother’s Day is Magnificent post)!