Flock is having a Fair Trade Sale!

Many of you know that I used to live in Africa. Swaziland, Africa to be precise.  I had a home there, a car, a bunch of friends and my now husband (then boyfriend) had a job that he really loved growing thousands and thousands of heads of lettuce in the countryside.

Always into handmade, I went wild for crafts in Africa.  The women there had both boundless ability and limitless creativity – a unbeatable combination for a crafter of any variety.  I took our old black car from town to town (in a teeny tiny country that it would be easy to drive around in one day) checking out what the women were up to, wandering through local markets and stopping on the side of the road in various outposts meant for tourists (there weren’t a lot of tourists, so I was a sight for sore eyes)!

In 2000, I convinced my brother to start a small fair trade importing business with me and he agreed.  We were certified by the Fair Trade Federation about a year later.  Our small import company lasted about 3 years and was as fun and fulfilling as I could have imagined.  We even got a teeny tiny order from Crate & Barrel!

After a few years, my brother decided to write the bar exam and my husband and I decided to move back to Canada. I began selling my fair trade goodies outdoors at the Byward Market, where I fortuitously met Christina and the real fun began!  We opened Workshop a a few months later.

I had a good friend with a barn (no that wasn’t a type-o, she actually had a barn) who graciously allowed me to store my fair trade goodies there (a whole barn full of carved giraffes and candy wrapper mirrors – my insurance company enjoyed that one).  Now, however, 8 years has gone by and those goodies need homes…so we’ve decided to have a fair trade sale!

From today until January 2012, the gallery space At Flock Boutique will be bursting with super cute hand-painted frames, suitcases for the kiddies, metal applique coat hooks, wire keychains, woven baskets and more!  Come and check it out!


Wallspace Gallery: One of Our Favourite Haunts

On Halloween weekend, Ayan (3 years old) and I got up, costumed ourselves, and instead of going to a party or having brunch, we headed out to Wallspace Gallery where the lovely Carmella Karijo Rother was busily teaching the neighbourhood kids how to felt.

Now, I’m sure many of you know Wallspace Gallery and can appreciate what a wonderful space it is to begin with. Add felting kiddies and a bit of face painting (by NSCAD grads too, no regular face painting here). And then add the tantalizing and textured  work of Nava Waxman.

It was almost too wonderful and stimulating all at once. I wanted to get my sleeping bag and camp out there so the feeling of creativity and serenity wouldn’t escape. Luckily for them, my sleeping bag wasn’t nearby.

If you haven’t yet checked out Nava Waxman: Mapping A World Beyond Reason at Wallspace, go soon because this opportunity to see her gloriously unusual pieces ends next week!

Thanks wallspace, for a wonderful afternoon!

Rose Tinted

For those of you who missed it (boo), last night was Shannon Armishaw’s vernissage, Rose Tinted (see previous post).  It was a lovely event with great food and fantastic art…what could make up a more perfect thursday evening?  I’ve posted pics of the event and hope that you will all come down and check out Shannon’s work, which will be in the Flock Boutique gallery until Aug 31st.  A number of her pieces have sold, so come out soon!  (-:

I would be remiss if i didn’t mention Shannon’s friend Sarah Jamal whose catering company Nomadic Kitchen (www.nomadic-kitchen.com) catered the party.  Pulled duck was my favourite…ummm…just thinking about it now makes me want to hop on a bus to Sarah’s house for her indian styled yummy apps!  Many of you know my 3 year old Ayan, a regular at Flock Boutique, who almost munched Sarah out of house and home (see pic)! Congrats to both Shannon and Sarah on a lovely event.