Wallspace Gallery: One of Our Favourite Haunts

On Halloween weekend, Ayan (3 years old) and I got up, costumed ourselves, and instead of going to a party or having brunch, we headed out to Wallspace Gallery where the lovely Carmella Karijo Rother was busily teaching the neighbourhood kids how to felt.

Now, I’m sure many of you know Wallspace Gallery and can appreciate what a wonderful space it is to begin with. Add felting kiddies and a bit of face painting (by NSCAD grads too, no regular face painting here). And then add the tantalizing and textured  work of Nava Waxman.

It was almost too wonderful and stimulating all at once. I wanted to get my sleeping bag and camp out there so the feeling of creativity and serenity wouldn’t escape. Luckily for them, my sleeping bag wasn’t nearby.

If you haven’t yet checked out Nava Waxman: Mapping A World Beyond Reason at Wallspace, go soon because this opportunity to see her gloriously unusual pieces ends next week!

Thanks wallspace, for a wonderful afternoon!