Wanted: High School Co-Op Student!

Do you know a high school student in grade 11 or 12 who is energetic, responsible & crafty?

If so, send them our way! (-:

We are looking for an outgoing and responsible high school co-op student for the Fall term who is willing to try to new things and embark on an adventure with us!

The placement could be at Workshop or at Flock (or both!) and involves fun things like making creative window displays, dressing mannequins, opening stock boxes, button-making, fabric cutting, screen printing.  It also includes less-than-fun things like tidying, organizing supplies, cutting down cardboard boxes and steaming clothes.  Punctuality is important. A positive attitude is essential.

Know someone who would be a good fit?  Have them email us at info@workshopboutique.ca.


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

tomorrow will be the most perfect of days…

i know many of you have been waiting patiently for Melow’s new collection to arrive at Workshop and Flock…and we just heard that it will be arriving today!  how exciting!  melissa always creates such a lovely mix of classic pieces, we’re chomping at the bit to open this particular box – i can guarantee that half of our staff will be there for the box opening!  so…box should come in this afternoon (go canada post!), a few hours to steam it all and put it out…which makes friday the perfect day to drop by and get the best selection!  see you then!




got your fall armour ready?

it’s amazing how the warm weather lasted so late this year and yet, somehow, i was still blindsided my chill of this past weekend! i ran into katie from victoire while i waited at the bus stop saturday morning – she looked all cosy in a lovely fall coat, complete with a cute scarf and hat…and i was somehow trying to pretend that a raincoat was enough to keep my goosebumps at bay! i’m a bit ashamed to admit that i was also bare-legged…what was i thinking?

well, i put a stop to that this morning. i went right to flock and purchased 2 new tunics and leggings to match.  now i will be toasty, warm and stylish all at the same time! this twiss & weber tunic is one of my faves…super cute, work wearable and e.a.s.y. to throw on!

Trunk Sale Countdown!

i am really going to miss the superb signs that erin molly has been making at workshop!  they are like little unwrapped gifts that she leaves on the sidewalk to brighten everyone’s day!  this is one of my favourites – partly because it is soooo cute and partly because it announces one of my favourite events…THE TRUNK SALE!

boxes for the trunk sale are being stacked to the ceiling in the teeny tiny workshop basement…which is almost ready to burst! so – don’t miss it! the trunk sale will be held at workshop from september 22nd-25th!  join us and pad your closet with unbelievable deals (seriously! i just opened the Voila box!) from independent canadian designers!



Save the Date: TRUNK SALE! Sept 22-25

i’ve found a sure fire way to perk up your friday!

the ladies of workshop have finally announced the date of their fall TRUNK SALE!  i know many of you have been waiting for it (i got the emails!) so here it is: Sept 22-25! The big opening party will be on Thursday September 22nd at 6pm where there is sure to be the best of deals, some fun goodies for munchin’, and me at the change rooms acting as the evening drill sergeant (i know you guys love it)!

The fun doesn’t end there though, because we’ve decided to officially hold the sale over for the whole weekend – this is for those of you who give us those sad puppy faces when you can’t make it the night of the event.  And because the sale is going to go on for 4 days, we have even more designers involved and even more great canadian made stuff at fantastic prices!  but don’t forget that after sunday at 5pm, everything magically turns in to a pumpkin (goes back to the designers), so don’t miss it!

for those of you who are new to the cult of the trunk sale, here are the basics: once in the winter and once in the fall workshop invites a few of their favourite designers to participate in our trunk sale: they ship us tons and tons of great clothes, accessories and jewelry which are from past seasons collections, slightly damaged items, weird sizes (the xs people clean up at this event!), samples, etc!  our designers get to clean out their studio spaces and our customers get to pad their closets!  the deals are great – up to 70% off!

put it in your smartphone now and join us!

Fall on the doorstep!

the weather outside may be a bit chilly, but things sure are heating up inside our shops! believe it or not, this is the stack of boxes that was delivered to flock this morning – all full of great fall goodies!  i have so many favourites that i couldn’t even begin to think of listing them all here – wordpress just doesn’t give me that much space! (-;

the beginning of the season is a great time to shop!  i know it’s no secret that some of our designers make only one-of-a-kind pieces and others send us only a size run of a particular item, so come in now!  try a bunch of stuff on and you will leave with the perfect dress, jacket or skirt, sure to be your ultimate basic for fall!  i just bought the greatest little annie 50 dress in black and purple lace!  woo hoo!

and…special treat! tomorrow, by popular demand (and the result of a whole lot of good natured badgering by yours truly), Julie Barnes of www.jubalife.com will be our guest blogger!  the word on the street is that she’ll be talking about bird prints (inspired by flock maybe?) in clothes and interior decor…you won’t want to miss it!

The Ultimate Fall Wrap Dress

Our new fall stock has started coming in and so shop tradition has been set: we all sit by the window and anxiously wait for the postman…we’re so old school!  we got 6 boxes on friday and each time the door buzzed we all went running, giggly and excited, grabbed the boxes and the boxknife and madly started pulling things out!  our postman thinks we’re very silly.  maybe he doesn’t get that reception everywhere…

Laura Vo opened the nude box and feel head over heels for this great wrap dress.  we got it in garnet and black, each with the lovely vintagy floral fabric on the shoulders.  so cute.  the fact that fall is on its way has a definite silver lining…