Wanted: Crafty High School Co-Op Student

Do you know a high school student in grade 11 or 12 who is energetic, responsible & crafty?

If so, send them our way! (-:

We are looking for an outgoing and responsible high school co-op student for the winter term who is willing to try to new things and embark on an adventure with us!

The placement could be at Workshop or at Flock (or both!) and involves fun things like making creative window displays, button-making, dressing mannequins and crafting.  It also includes less-than-fun things like tidying, organizing supplies, cutting down cardboard boxes and steaming clothes.  Punctuality is important. A positive attitude is essential.

Know someone who would be a good fit?  Have them email us at info@workshopboutique.ca.


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

A Hippo for Ella

Ella is flock’s lovely and fun co-op student. here she talks about one of her favourite flock pieces in her own words.

“what first drew in my eye to this one of a kind plush hippo was the beautiful fabrics. on one side the brown patterned fabric is sturdy and sophisticated. it reminds me of skyscrapers and businessmen on a coffee break. this strong material is then married to a joyful blue, pink, ivory and green floral fabric. the flowers remind me of fresh gardens in the middle of summer. the pale blue is comforting and relaxing all at the same time. the cherry on the top of this wonderful mixture is the pop of coral, which pulls everything together.

as if these colours and patterns were not the only things calling out to me, they have been put together to make a hippopotemus! the random combination of flowers, brown, coral and a hippo may seem weird to some. to me, it is completely genius. not only is this plush hippo easy on the eyes, but it can also be used as a comfortable pillow. and comfort isn’t all – on one side a pocket a provided for safe-keeping of small, important items. think about it, no one will steal your candy again!

with that kind of protection, this plush hippo is not just a decoration, it is also a necessity!”

Ella, co-op student, flock boutique