our trip to the big city!

laura and christina in the dreampower booth!

if you follow us on twitter or facebook, then you know that christina, laura and i recently went on a 36 hour adventure to toronto to the ooak show to hang with a bunch of our designers and to soak up all of the craft and crazy that toronto has to offer!

it was quite the little adventure for us o-towners…we set out in christina’s dad’s volvo wagon early tuesday morning (well, 9am is early for people in retail) and it was one comic adventure after another until we got home late wednesday night…i think the pics say it all!

thanks to everyone for their smiles and hospitality! we’re dying to do it again…

guy & michelle at the new fresh collective on roncesvalles

the lovely hillary is her fun booth...hoot!

laura's 80th birthday! congrats!

monique...always the first designer we see!

nicole, my fun friend on fb...don't forget to send us some of those tunics! (-;

the jennifer glasgow crew, minus the cocktails!

laura finally let us see her garage turned studio space...soooo lovely, thanks for the sneak peek!

Is she boarding a 1920s steamship?

Christina bought this trunk last week at st. vinny’s. ¬†what do you suppose she is going to do with it?