Better than a Convertible

Sometimes our designers make convertible pieces that are so creative and fun that I just can’t imagine not buying them and this is really one of those times!

What is it? A scarf, a wrap, a cardi? The most perfect Christmas gift ever?

Yes, yes, yes…and yes!  (I’ve already put one on hold for myself and one for my mom!)

We have carried this button wrap for a few months now and we loved it a lot.  Recently, however, the designer sent us a video of the many ways you can wear it and when I popped into flock yesterday afternoon I found a bunch of girls – with Laura and Emily right in the middle – staring mesmerized at the mini digital frame she sent, trying the wraps on, laughing and messing around (there were guffaws)!

p.s. the scarves are bamboo and wool…yummmmy!