Feb 27th is a great day to win this bag!

We *heart* Erin Kembel, of EMK.  She is such a sweetie and has been selling with us since we opened Workshop in 2005. We also love to have some representation in the shops from the Prairie Provinces (yay Manitoba!) and so we’re happy that Erin is a mainstay.

And what could be cuter than this great flap bag? Love the print!  Win it today as part of our (almost done…sniff sniff) 28 Days of Giveaways!


Bridget & Christina


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Recycling has never been this cool…

Those of you who follow us on facebook know that I’ve been going on rather obsessively about the new bags we just got from Montreal designer Ressac.  But, seriously, can you blame me? I saw them, announced that they were just about the coolest bags I’d ever seen – and then I noticed that I they were made with recycled bicycle tires and other fun upcycyled goodies…love, just straight up old plain love.

Updating my handbag!

Paco Lupe bag, blue

everybody knows that spring is mostly about cute sundresses and fun shoes…but one of my favourite spring rituals is cleaning out my dark leather purse, putting it on a shelf, and finding a new, lighter weight, brighter coloured one for spring!

this is the one i have my eye on for this season…