WIN a $100 Mini Shopping Spree at our Big Spring Trunk Sale!

The Big Spring Trunk Sale at Workshop Boutique is right around the corner and for those of you who have been before, you know it’s the place to score huge discounts on made in Canada goodies (past seasons, samples, damaged items…) from some of our best designers!

So, what could make it better?

How about a little shopping spree on us?

Enter today to win $100 to spend at Workshop’s Spring Trunk Sale…where $100 can turn into 3 times that ’cause the deals are just so darn amazing! (-: ┬áThe contest closes Saturday, March 16th at 11pm.

So mark the big Trunk Sale on your calendar (Easter Weekend: March 28th-Aug 1st) because on Tuesday morning everything gets shipped back to the designers…!


Bridget & Christina
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