Guest Blogger: Sue Redekop

Sue, owner of, tells us about how she finds crafty inspiration in everyday things

The color of leaves in fall. The way light falls on water. Traveling and experiencing different tastes and culture…you can find crafty inspiration everywhere!

On a trip to New York City I passed by the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue and was captivated by a window display. When I looked closer at it I discovered the entire display was made from long zippers sewn together at the ends to create a hanging colorful grid! A great example of using something functional in a creative way.

Another example of inspiration was found by this photo my son took. A heart shaped leaf on the street. will become a Valentine’s day card…

If you want some crafty inspiration from the comfort of your home I have compiled a list of awesome websites which I am sure will inspire you;

Whip up <> ..lots of great photos

Craft: transforming traditional crafts <>…check out the how-to’s!

Make and takes <>….kid and family oriented craft blog

Meet me at Mikes <> go to the “learn to make stuff” section

Look around ..maybe see things differently and be inspired!