Feb 15th: Giveaway by Liv. Well Toys

Today marks Day 15 of our big 28 Days of Giveaways and it seems that we are getting crazier and crazier with each passing day (and each giveaway)…

In honour of our own special brand of fun loving, jump up and down joy, local designer Nicole Shaw of Liv. Well Toys is giving away a custom set of 4 letter blocks.

Obviously, I would like to spell out the name of my one true love…CHEESE.

However, it seems that CHEESE requires 6 letters, so I wouldn’t be able to spell that.  Maybe I would spell ARTS or LOVE or GOOD or MICE…  Or CAKE?

What would you spell?


The (loopy) Ladies of Workshop & Flock


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  1. amber says:

    Lucas please!