Lace Inspired Loveliness

as many of you know, i’m not much of an afternoon blogger.  i tend to get up early in the morning, go into the shop when it’s calm and quiet and wandering around looking at all of the pretty things.  i then usually find something that makes me smile, take a pic of it, and share it with all of you.

today though, my day got off to an early start, followed by much chaos (surrounding the impending de-stash which is getting crazier, better and more exciting by the minute) so i didn’t have a moment to stop, think and share.

then i ran into christina who excitedly showed me pics of a new collection of jewellery we just received! sheena hand casts her jewellery using bits of vintage lace. isn’t that lovely?  these pieces are so unique, i can’t wait to go into the shops and see them in person.  maybe i’ll see you there!




Not Just for Kids

take a look at the masterpiece i made last night…! well, masterpiece might be a strong word…but the process was very relaxing and yogic. why did they ever stop making these?  (-:

A Designer and Her Bike

Mandy, of Mandala Design, visiting Flock

Mandy, one of our lovely and talented new designers, decided to hop on her bike (not the kind of bike you may think) and head down to Ottawa to check out the sights and sounds of the Capital (and to browse through Workshop and Flock, obviously)! She blogged about her trip too!  Check it out here:

Thanks for the visit Mandy, it was lovely seeing you!


The ladies of Workshop and Flock

Guest Post: Feather Your Nest

Julie, the design blogger behind, talks about birds!

Birds seem to be everywhere these days – in both fashion and home décor. I’ve swooned over bird necklaces and earrings at Workshop and Flock, not to mention those adorable stuffed owls by Tracy Lam and Hilary Cosgrove.

Stuffed Owls by Hilary Cosgrove


My husband and I recently bought our first house after three years of condo living and my nesting instinct has kicked in – literally.  I have twice as much space as I used to and I’ve been looking to add some feathered creatures to the mix.

In the spirit of Flock, here are some of my favourite birds in home fashion…

Thomas Paul’s Maize print

Here’s another way to incorporate Thomas Paul’s flock:

steal the style!

Mags & Fags on Elgin Street used to carry three different cards with these motifs and I still regret not buying and framing them.

Bird clothes pins from

A very creative bride used them to hang her seating plan – love it!

Dwell Studio’s Peacock Citrine Duvet Set

Although based in NY, Dwell’s talented founder and creative director Christiane Lemieux is 100% Canadian.

Just lovely!

In case you can’t get enough peacock, Allem Studio makes a beautiful plumed pillow.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a little DIY, it doesn’t get much cuter than these bird cage lanterns.

Try some birdie DIY!

Perfect to brighten up a room!

The full instructions can be found at:

Hope you enjoyed the post! Follow my adventures in design at:


Is she boarding a 1920s steamship?

Christina bought this trunk last week at st. vinny’s.  what do you suppose she is going to do with it?

Back on My Bike Again

I’m not too proud to admit that I made quite a few mistakes last Thursday.  I was biking between the shops around 1 in the afternoon.  The skies started getting dark and a few rain drops fell.  I was almost at the turnoff for Parkdale (I was headed to Flock), so I soldiered along.  I’m not a stranger to showing up at my destination a little soggy, a few raindrops, a bunch, whatever.  I can handle it.

And then, it came out of nowhere – the next thing I knew I was being pummeled on all sides by rain that felt like golf balls, pounding me so hard that I felt like I was being attacked.  I tried to make it the last 80 feet or so to shelter (there was a bridge nearby), but my bike just wouldn’t move.  I got off, tried to walk it, but it still wouldn’t move, the wind keeping it firmly lodged in place.  The rain was hitting my eyes so hard that I had to keep them closed as my white knuckles clung to my bike handles.

Why I didn’t dump the bike, I’m not sure.  It might have had something to do with me promising my 3 year old that we would go biking after daycare.  As the sudden storm continued, the wind was so strong that it was slowly inching me closer and closer to the Ottawa river, and I was starting to panic. The thought briefly entered my mind that there was a chance I may not be going biking after daycare…or ever.  I was stuck crouching, holding tight to my bike, trying to get some kind of reprieve, some kind of shelter from the onslaught.  The Ottawa river was on 3 sides of me and the waves were huge.  I started crying.

After ten minutes that felt like 10 hours, there was a break in the gusting. I grabbed my bike, rain pounding my face, crying but still in some kind of weird shock. I made it to Parkdale and got under the underpass where some kind strangers ran over to me.  They gave me a tshirt to wipe my face on and encouraged me to stay there but all I wanted to do was be off my bike and somewhere safe.

Eight eternal blocks later I made it to Flock.  I am not ashamed to admit that I had a complete meltdown in the doorway.  I’m pretty sure I totally freaked out our staff.  They looked at my red skin (which the following day turned into a dizzying rainbow of bruises), got me a new dress (handy that I own a dress shop) and made me a cup of tea.  I had a friend pick me up and 30 minutes later it was like nothing happened.  The birds were chirping and the sun was out.

I guess I lived through my perfect storm last Thursday and want to spend every minute from this moment forward living and loving my life.

Today, I got back on my bike again.  And as I biked down Gladstone, I saw the most amazing flowers I have ever seen.  I have no idea what they are, but they are huge – the size of a small pizza.  As I stopped to take a picture of them, I remembered why I love riding my bike and how much of the city and of nature I would miss if I didn’t.   Tonight I will pick up my daughter and we will go biking.

Guest Blogger: Sue Redekop

Sue, owner of, tells us about how she finds crafty inspiration in everyday things

The color of leaves in fall. The way light falls on water. Traveling and experiencing different tastes and culture…you can find crafty inspiration everywhere!

On a trip to New York City I passed by the luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Avenue and was captivated by a window display. When I looked closer at it I discovered the entire display was made from long zippers sewn together at the ends to create a hanging colorful grid! A great example of using something functional in a creative way.

Another example of inspiration was found by this photo my son took. A heart shaped leaf on the street. will become a Valentine’s day card…

If you want some crafty inspiration from the comfort of your home I have compiled a list of awesome websites which I am sure will inspire you;

Whip up <> ..lots of great photos

Craft: transforming traditional crafts <>…check out the how-to’s!

Make and takes <>….kid and family oriented craft blog

Meet me at Mikes <> go to the “learn to make stuff” section

Look around ..maybe see things differently and be inspired!


Rose Tinted

For those of you who missed it (boo), last night was Shannon Armishaw’s vernissage, Rose Tinted (see previous post).  It was a lovely event with great food and fantastic art…what could make up a more perfect thursday evening?  I’ve posted pics of the event and hope that you will all come down and check out Shannon’s work, which will be in the Flock Boutique gallery until Aug 31st.  A number of her pieces have sold, so come out soon!  (-:

I would be remiss if i didn’t mention Shannon’s friend Sarah Jamal whose catering company Nomadic Kitchen ( catered the party.  Pulled duck was my favourite…ummm…just thinking about it now makes me want to hop on a bus to Sarah’s house for her indian styled yummy apps!  Many of you know my 3 year old Ayan, a regular at Flock Boutique, who almost munched Sarah out of house and home (see pic)! Congrats to both Shannon and Sarah on a lovely event.

Vernissage Aug 4th, 6-9pm

*Shannon Armishaw Rose Tinted
**Flock Boutique
**1275 Wellington St West*
*August 4-31
Opening Reception August 4th 6-9pm

*The show is retrospective, demonstrating the development of my visual
vocabulary through images and ideas that have been reappearing for many
years in different forms. My most recent works are prismatic, kaleidoscopic
landscapes using source images from my time spent in Paris and inspired by
the aesthetics of age and decay that lay submersed under the skin of modern
society.  Images of cities filled with turbulent skies create a hypnogogic
sense of seeing from the inside out. The works capture a reflective view on
the world around us, rich with its unlikely beauty found in alleys and on
rooftops, filled with spaces and patterns, and often passed unnoticed. It
shows a personal mythology formed through a creative process that finds
countless mediums as a means of communication to express my artistic and
aesthetic desires. The Flock Boutique gallery space is intimate and features
different bodies of work from the last few years, and something for every
taste. The opening night reception will be catered by Nomadic Kitchen, my
friend Sarah will be tempting your palette with curried pulled duck, green
mango slaw with lychee vinaigrette, vegan curry on naan crisps, and a few
other delights to introduce you to her great new entrepreneurship


Let’s have a SALE!

this is always my favourite time of the the year…super sales on independent designers, what could better?  over half of our clothes and some of our jewellery and accessories are on s.a.l.e. so now is the time to come in and bulk up on that handmade wardrobe!


the ladies of workshop and flock