Lace Inspired Loveliness

as many of you know, i’m not much of an afternoon blogger.  i tend to get up early in the morning, go into the shop when it’s calm and quiet and wandering around looking at all of the pretty things.  i then usually find something that makes me smile, take a pic of it, and share it with all of you.

today though, my day got off to an early start, followed by much chaos (surrounding the impending de-stash which is getting crazier, better and more exciting by the minute) so i didn’t have a moment to stop, think and share.

then i ran into christina who excitedly showed me pics of a new collection of jewellery we just received! sheena hand casts her jewellery using bits of vintage lace. isn’t that lovely?  these pieces are so unique, i can’t wait to go into the shops and see them in person.  maybe i’ll see you there!




Laura Laura is Back!

for those of you who loved laura fauquier’s mini collection this past spring, you’ll be happy to hear that she’s doing it again!  this super cute a-line skirt has the sweetest pocket details – tiny pieces of laura’s own weaving!  we only have 4 of them, drop by this weekend!

I can feel the weather changing…

this morning i was waiting in my yard for a fridge to be delivered. since my house is a bit off the beaten track (really, it doesn’t front on a street), i had to flag down the big moving truck so it would be able to find me.  this only took about 10 minutes, but since it was early in the morning and i wasn’t quite yet dressed for the day, i was freeeeezing!  from this moment forward it’s going to be leggings, boots, arm warmers and a scarf – i mean it!

so, having now made the commitment now to dressing in a seasonally appropriate way, i thought i should back it up with some purchasing. this morning, i’m headed to the shop and i will be buying one of these lovely and fun, uber interesting, handmade in montreal, boiled wool scarves!  we have them at both shops, in a number of great colours – and i love how they make a statement!  and, in my case, the statement is: look out fall, here i come!

The Great Crafting De-Stash! Nov 1st-14th


i’ll be the first to admit that i’m a bit of a pack-rat.  i always saw it as a unique trait that showed just how crazy and creative i was (both valued qualities in my mind).  i was one of those people who could use any material, any recycling…basically any old scrap of anything…to create something beautiful.  my ability to do this was often applauded (mostly by my mother, i realize now), but since i got married and bought a house (teeny tiny house), the overflow of stuff from my studio had begun to be a sore point.  mostly for my husband. and sometimes even for me (this morning i tripped over a 4×6 foot canvas on my way to the bathroom).

after polling a few people, i realized that this was a problem faced by every artist/designer i knew, so i made a decision: this year FALL is going to be the new SPRING…as in SPRING CLEANING our studios!

and so the great crafting de-stash was born!

from Nov 1st-14th, the gallery space at Flock will be full of crafting supplies for sale, the result of de-cluttering by over 20 of our designers! there will be all kinds of things up for grabs…beads, tools, fabric, paint, dyes, yarn, bags, buttons, findings, ink…and everything will be priced so you wouldn’t dare think of leaving it on the shelf! (-:

it’s a classic win-win: help our designers clean out their studios, and end up with designer quality crafting goodies at ridiculous prices – mark the date on your calendar, and prepare to hunt – you never know what you might find!

not your grandma’s necklace

i know insects may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but how cute are these?? handmade in toronto by the lovely tara, of odd bird designs. perfect for the biology student on your christmas list.

got your fall armour ready?

it’s amazing how the warm weather lasted so late this year and yet, somehow, i was still blindsided my chill of this past weekend! i ran into katie from victoire while i waited at the bus stop saturday morning – she looked all cosy in a lovely fall coat, complete with a cute scarf and hat…and i was somehow trying to pretend that a raincoat was enough to keep my goosebumps at bay! i’m a bit ashamed to admit that i was also bare-legged…what was i thinking?

well, i put a stop to that this morning. i went right to flock and purchased 2 new tunics and leggings to match.  now i will be toasty, warm and stylish all at the same time! this twiss & weber tunic is one of my faves…super cute, work wearable and e.a.s.y. to throw on!

Twinkle Toes

sometimes i walk into the shop and i see that the girls have dressed a mannequin in a way i could never have imagined.  that’s what happened to me last night when i went in to workshop. i had seen all 3 of these pieces in shop (blazer, top & skirt) and loved them each individually.  but only the mind of our very own artsy madeleine could have come up with this outfit…a combination that i have now decided i want for myself. i call it sexy tap dancer.

the ladies of atelier b open their own shop!

every time i go to montreal, i shop at all of my favourite places – general 54, katrin leblond, l’arterie…and now i can add another must-see to my list!

the lovely anne-marie and catherine, two of our most fabulous and fun designers, are in the process of opening their own shop! on sunday morning, they let me in for a sneak peek and to pick up boxes of stock for the shop: check out the pic of my mom rolling our boxes down st. laurent on a dolly!

the storefront itself is super cute and located on st. laurent, right near the entrance to little italy. the front of the space is the boutique bursting with atelier b’s own unique collection of goodies, and the back half of the space is their studio! how jealous am i of all of those vintage industrial sewing machines…

anyway, enjoy your sneak peek as much as i enjoyed mine. their shop opens today!


Can two 3 year olds raise $10,000?

I suppose it’s a pebble in the pond type of scenario, one that has been playing out before our very own eyes over the last 2 months.

Two 3 years old get together to raise money for Somalia (they asked me to correct that – they are actually 3 3/4 years old).  They come up with a plan – they are going to hand make beads and sell them. For money. So that Somali kids can have candy too (their words, obviously).  They spend countless hours (and lots of flour, water and salt) forming beads, poking holes in them and cooking them.  They ask their daycare friends to help them paint them and turn them into lovely fun kiddie necklaces…who wouldn’t want one?

Yes, who wouldn’t? No one, it seems! We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of our customers, family and friends. Ayan even secured a last minute donation from her grandpa (she worked him pretty hard over the phone last week, and the DHL package came in the mail this morning)!  All in all, these kids and the little bead making project that could, raised $5,414.41! Is that even possible?  And it gets better…the federal government is matching all donations for East Africa that are made by tomorrow, so our little project will result in $10,828.82 sent to the adults and kids who need it most right now.

Ayan, when we started this project, Christina and I thought it would be a fun, crafty way to teach you about helping others. But you have turned it into so much more.  We could not be more proud.

** please note! we still have necklaces and will be selling them through to December, but if you have money and you want to support East African Famine Relief, go online and contribute to one of the many NGOs working there today! **


i really crave organization and so i think it goes without saying that i love coinpurses.  i love how cute they are and i love the way the zippers keep everything in there nice and tight.  in fact, at this very moment, i have no fewer than 3 coinpurses in my purse: 1 for lipbalms, 1 for little papers and receipts, and one for, well, coins.

so when a customer popped into workshop because she wanted to buy one as a gift for a friend, i jumped at the opportunity to help her since i consider myself quite the master!  we found one and it got me thinking about giving a handmade coinpurse full of something as a happy day gift, birthday present (you can fill it with whatever you want!), or a fun low-cost christmas option which is thoughtful and creative! hmmm…