We’re Hiring,Join Us! Stop by this Thursday!

Are you a crafty person who loves to be surrounded by lovely and fun things?

Do you toot the horn of handmade any chance you get (loudly, so the neighbours can hear)? Are you pleasant and helpful and want to work in a happy, positive environment? If this is you, then you should consider joining us!

Ideally, we would love to hire a couple of lovely ladies who are interested in art, design and fashion; and who appreciate items that are cute as well as ethically made!

Workshop and Flock are super fun and silly but sometimes crazy places to work, so we are looking for someone who is personable, dynamic, responsible, self-motivated and outgoing, and who feels comfortable chatting with our customers. We need ladies who can work during the week and also on weekends.

Workshop and Flock also occasionally hire ladies who are employed full time elsewhere (usually the government, funny that!) but want to pick up weekend and evening shifts to spice up their work lives a bit so if you happen to be one of those ladies, we would love to meet you too!

Think you would be a good fit? If so, please stop by Flock with your resume on THURSDAY MAY 3RD from 12:30-2pm or from 5-6pm, we would love to meet you! No need to make an appointment, we will be hanging out in the basement drinking cappuccinos waiting for you!


Bridget & Christina

Recycling has never been this cool…

Those of you who follow us on facebook know that I’ve been going on rather obsessively about the new bags we just got from Montreal designer Ressac.  But, seriously, can you blame me? I saw them, announced that they were just about the coolest bags I’d ever seen – and then I noticed that I they were made with recycled bicycle tires and other fun upcycyled goodies…love, just straight up old plain love.

National Youth Arts Week

Over here at Workshop and Flock, we are obsessed with art, craft and design.  We love looking at handmade goodies, touching them, buying them and talking to designers and artists about them.  We also feel strongly that children and youth need more art in their lives.

As a result, Flock Boutique is participating in National Youth Arts Week!  This is a week action-packed with all kinds of FREE WORKSHOPS for youth and much of it is located right here in our own neighbourhood!

Click here to check out all of the fun and crafty workshops being offered in Wellington West and if know youth who want to participate, pass this along!


The Ladies of Workshop & Flock

We’re giving away tickets to Originals!

One of our designers, the lovely Fanny-Eve of F-Eve Designs, is in town this weekend for the Originals Show (booth #1007) and the she asked us to give away 2 free tickets! (How much do I love my job?)

Many of you have entered our contests before, so you know what to do:

1. LIKE our facebook pages (if you like both Workshop and Flock you will receive 2 entries)!

2. If you already LIKE both of our pages (thanks!), then COMMENT on this post (on the blog or on facebook) and you will be entered!

Our fun contest closes tomorrow, April 6th at noon!


The Ladies of Workshop and Flock

The Big Trip!

What can we say about Toronto except that twice a year, for 48 hours each time, we are gathered up in its massive hug of indie designers, great restos and fun adventures…

It's already spring in the Distillery District!

Distill, a great shop carrying the best of Canadian design. Also know as "where we spent all of our money".

The very end of our 7 hours at the One of A Kind Show...no matter how many times we go, we always still manage to find something great!

Thank you Toronto (and a huge thanks to the 30 of our designers who greeted us with smiles and hugs!) – you always show us such a great time!


The Ladies of Workshop and Flock