dear flock: happy valentine’s day to you.

we’re not ashamed to admit that we just don’t like changing lightbulbs. i mean, seriously, who does?  in our case we particularly dislike it because the choice is generally between changing lightbulbs and opening boxes full of cute dresses.  cute dresses win every time.

in fact, you know what i would like for valentine’s day? to have my lightbulbs changed (seriously) – all of them, all at once.

so, yesterday, two lovely gentlemen from Electricom came to our shops to do just that – happy valentine’s to me!

now we have a bunch of shiny, new, energy efficient bulbs that make the jewellery in our cases sparkle!

the things we get excited about… (-;

Kissy Smoochie Cocktail Napkins!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I think it goes without saying that Workshop and Flock are the go-to places to send your man!  We have the loveliest coziest slippers, the most beautiful elegant jewellery, and of course, clothes to die for! Whatever he chooses, you can know that it will be handmade and totally hip.

But maybe, just maybe, you are hosting a ladies night in this Valentines Day!  Did you know that we’ve got goodies for your girlie party too? Check out the kissy smoochie cocktail napkins pictured above, handmade in TO.  And that’s only the beginning…! (-:

2 Weeks left in our End-of-Season SALE!

for some reason, yesterday was super funny and busy day at both shops!  it was very unexpected because as all you o-towners know, it was a crazy weather day, full of freezing rain and requiring super careful footsteps (an elderly lady i walked by on the way home told me to be more careful when i wiped out at her feet), hmmm…

anyway, the ladies who were in the shops yesterday – no surprise – scored some amazing deals (like the red dress above, it’s gone!) since it’s officially the very end of the season and our sale is at its peak!  this is what prompted me to write a little log post: it’s my sticky note to each of you: you have a couple of weeks left to score end of season, made in canada goodies on sale!  hope to see you there…tread slowly!  (-:


Spring must be around the corner…

the ultimate spring hoodie...i'm in love.

one of my favourite things about our shops is that our designers work more with the seasons than traditional stores…we don’t put christmas decorations up in october and we don’t have a shop full of sundresses on january 1st!

that doesn’t mean, however, that i don’t get excited about the arrival of new stock. on the contrary, nobody gets more excited about new goodies than me! i do a little dance, kiss the postman and then head to the changeroom to try on said new items at once!

and so, i’m super excited to announce that our first spring shipment arrived yesterday! it’s teeny tiny, but it wins in the cute department – check out these hoodies – the eco fabric is super soft and the colours are unbelievable! the bright orangey red pictured about is available at Workshop, so stop by and check it out! Flock has a cloudy pale bluey-purple combo. Handmade in Montreal.

spring: i’m waiting for you…



Our Winter Class List is Here!

learn to sew!

Flock Boutique: Winter Class List

Intermediate Sew your Own A-Line Skirt! $85+tax

Saturday, Feb 4th, 1-4pm

In this class, Heidi will assist you in making your own classic A-line skirt with a fitted waist and zipper…what could be better than a wardrobe full of clothes made by little old you? Students must bring their own fabric, thread, and a matching 7-9″ zipper.

Knitting Skills Class $45+tax

Feb 8th & 15th, 7-8:30pm

By popular demand, Caddy is now offering a Knitting Skills class which will include skills like cabling, intarsia, seaming, picking-up-and-knitting, 2-colour-stranded, reading patterns, and a bunch of other, super fun knitting stuff! Yarn included, students must supply their own 4-5mm needles.

Beginner Knitting $59+tax

Thursdays Feb 9th,16th & 23rd 6:15-7:45pm

Caddy can teach anyone to knit!  She has created a casual, informal beginner class where you can learn the basics of knitting. Students have the option of knitting a pair of arm warmers or a scarf, so go ahead, sign up and make your own accessories! Yarn and needles are included.

Intermediate Knitting $59+tax

Thursdays Feb 9th,16th & 23rd 7:45-9:15pm

Caddy has made this fun intermediate project-based knitting class for those who have knit before but want to learn new skills like knitting in the round, purling, increasing and decreasing while making their own fabulous legwarmers or a hat! Yarn and needles included.

Tropical Collage for Kids! $25+tax

Sunday, Feb 29th 1-2:30pm

Laura will take kids aged 4-8 years on a tropical paradise themed vacation where they will learn the basics of collage and make a fun flower painting collage. Sounds like a great way to spend winter!

Beginner Sew your Own Wrap Skirt! $75+hst

Saturday, March 10th, 1pm-4pm

In this class, Heidi will teach you the basics of sewing while you make a cute wrap skirt to show off this spring! Students must bring their own fabric and matching thread. Now, that’s a wrap!

Let’s Bead: Kids Jewellery-Making! $25+tax

Sunday, March 25th 1-2:30pm

This class is all about beading! Kids, ages 7-10 will have a great time learning all about beading and making fun necklaces, bracelets and other great things with Laura!

** Please note that 48 hours notice must be given if you are not able to make it to a class. If you are unable to attend and you have given the required notice, your class fee will be converted into store credit that may be used in the shop or on a future class. Have fun crafting! **


We Have A Winner: Amy Heximer! (-:

After spending quite a bit of time writing each of your names on little pieces of paper (there must be an easier way, right?), we drew a winner!

Congrats Amy Heximer on winning our $50 gift certificate! Please message us to let us know whether you would like it for Workshop or Flock and above all, have fun spending it!!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest and thanks to each of you for the kind words!

Keep posted…I’ve decided that contests just make the winter months fun, so we’ll do more for sure!


Bridget & Christina

We’re giving away a $50 Gift Certificate!

win me! (-:

Now that things have settled down and we’ve all chilled out a bit after the big holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your support of us, our shops and our designers.

We decided that giving each of you a big fat slobbery kiss was probably not the best idea (and too hard to organize), so we settled on drawing for a nice crisp $50 gift certificate (which can be used at Workshop or Flock)!

To enter:

1. LIKE our facebook pages (if you like both Workshop and Flock you will receive 2 entries)!

2. If you already like both of our pages (thanks!), then COMMENT on this post (on the blog or on facebook) and you will be entered!

Our fun contest closes Friday, January 13th at 5pm!

Thanks again for all of your support over the holiday season…here’s to spring which we are told is right around the corner!


The ladies of Workshop and Flock


Our Night Owl is Famous!

You may have seen our night owl before…you know: walking the red carpet, noshing on sushi at Nobu, hanging with pals Brad and Angelina…yes, our night owl is famous! (the one in the middle, the other two are his very cute hangers-on)

Thanks Ottawa Citizen, for including our night owl in your Marketplace: Cocooning from The Cold article last week!