Twinkle Toes

sometimes i walk into the shop and i see that the girls have dressed a mannequin in a way i could never have imagined.  that’s what happened to me last night when i went in to workshop. i had seen all 3 of these pieces in shop (blazer, top & skirt) and loved them each individually.  but only the mind of our very own artsy madeleine could have come up with this outfit…a combination that i have now decided i want for myself. i call it sexy tap dancer.

Make it a Handmade Holiday!

Make your own Gift Wrap and Cards! $48+hst

Thursday Oct 6th, 6-9pm

This is the season to put your own stamp (literally!) on the gifts you give! The lovely and talented Anne, one of Flock’s boutique new and fabulous instructors, will teach you the basics of block printing in our Make Your Own Gift Wrap and Cards Class!  Each student will carve out his or her own unique design and then print it onto paper and note cards.  All tools, inks and paper will be provided…all you have to bring is your own creativity!

Anne promises that each of her students will leave this evening of fun with at least 10 sheets of their own unique wrapping paper and a variety of cards to give away this christmas.  You will also leave with enough know-how to print a whole room full of gift wrap – now who wouldn’t love that?

In case you missed our class schedule when it came out, you can find it here:



teeny tiny elf-like hands hard at work!

when do those little elves find the time?!

a couple of months ago, the lovely laura vo asked me if it would be okay to do a bit of painting on the walls of the classroom space in the basement of flock.  because she’s so crafty and fun, i said sure. weeks and weeks went by and i kept an eye on those walls, but nothing changed. probably because little laura was spending all of her time organizing the chaos that christina and i create daily in the basement (someone said it looked like a chicken coop on fire), so she didn’t have much time!

then, friday i popped down there to get a box and i saw the most lovely painted outlines.  a few days later, i walked into the basement and noticed that some ladies had been hard at work over the weekend. i can’t wait to see how this all turns out…



friday morning...

yesterday morning...surprise!

the ladies of atelier b open their own shop!

every time i go to montreal, i shop at all of my favourite places – general 54, katrin leblond, l’arterie…and now i can add another must-see to my list!

the lovely anne-marie and catherine, two of our most fabulous and fun designers, are in the process of opening their own shop! on sunday morning, they let me in for a sneak peek and to pick up boxes of stock for the shop: check out the pic of my mom rolling our boxes down st. laurent on a dolly!

the storefront itself is super cute and located on st. laurent, right near the entrance to little italy. the front of the space is the boutique bursting with atelier b’s own unique collection of goodies, and the back half of the space is their studio! how jealous am i of all of those vintage industrial sewing machines…

anyway, enjoy your sneak peek as much as i enjoyed mine. their shop opens today!


i heart trunk sale!

lovely lousje & bean party dress! reg $259, trunk sale $99!

trunk sale opening night came and went and we are still reeling…was it the steady stream of happy shoppers laughing in the changerooms? was it the racks and racks of better than ever deals on great handmade goodies? maybe the duck and blueberry crostini from murray street market? i can’t be certain, but i can say definitively that this has been our best trunk sale yet!

if you missed opening night, do not fret! there are still tons and tons of great pieces at a fraction of their regular prices…so stop by today, tomorrow or anytime sunday…but don’t wait until monday, because all of our trunk sale items turn into pumpkins (meaning we pack them up and ship them back to the ladies who made them…we don’t actually turn them into pumpkins, although that would sure be a fun idea).

for pics of some of our favourite (and still available!) trunk sale finds, check out our facebook page:



Workshop Trunk Sale: Sneak Peek!

i wasn’t able to post yesterday because i was at workshop hanging and steaming all of the amazing new stock we’ve received for this week’s TRUNK SALE (thursday-sun, see earlier posts)!  the stuff that our designers sent us this time around is better than ever (yipppee!) and there is TONS of it!  here are a few sneak peeks:

hand silkscreened dress by anna zy! reg $85, trunk sale price $25 (seriously!)

super cute little grob jacket, made in mtl!

a re-purposed men's suit = a super cute handbag! $24-$28!

we will be posting more sneak peeks today and tomorrow, join our facebook group and/or check our blog!

There’s no such thing as too much fun!

So many people! So much fun!

Tastes of Wellington West, aside from being a huge success, was just plain super-dooper fun!  The non-stop flow of kids though our pipe cleaner table made me smile: the very bright and surprisingly structural pipe cleaner works of art ranged from eye classes to crowns, necklaces and even one slightly lopsided pairs of shoes…way to go kiddies!  I just love craft.

We also had tons of people through the shop who were discovering the neighbourhood for the first time…welcome everyone!  We consider Wellington West to be our happy little secret, but I think after Saturday the secret may be out!  We gave away a huge basket of goodies and a knitting class to two lucky winners and of course, had plenty of time to talk about our shop our desire to support local designers and to promote handmade.  I think I may have given out 150 or more class lists so it seems that Ottawans are ready to get the creative!

What I have deemed the most hysterical part of the afternoon (aside from the pipe cleaner crowns that the ladies of Flock wore all day!) was to see our very own Laura Fauquier weaving on the back of a baby blue truck. If I had had the foresight to take a video of it, it would already be on youtube!  Laura’s probably not too upset that I left my iphone at home…

Anyway, if you missed this day of fabulousness, put it on your calendar for next year, because missing it twice would be a real shame!  Some of the day got captured on film, pictures are below!

The fun was not just for kiddies!

Our pipe cleaner table - Ayan's in charge!

Laura's scarves on the baby blue beauty!

Laura's Weaving Demo

Our raffle table!

Good Clean Fun!

we’ve loaded up our vintage tote…full of pipe cleaners, beads and stickers, oh my!  join us in front of Flock from 11 to 1-ish tomorrow at Tastes of Wellington West – there will be crafty fun for kiddies of all ages (and maybe some mommies and daddies too)!  see you tomorrow!

Can two 3 year olds raise $10,000?

I suppose it’s a pebble in the pond type of scenario, one that has been playing out before our very own eyes over the last 2 months.

Two 3 years old get together to raise money for Somalia (they asked me to correct that – they are actually 3 3/4 years old).  They come up with a plan – they are going to hand make beads and sell them. For money. So that Somali kids can have candy too (their words, obviously).  They spend countless hours (and lots of flour, water and salt) forming beads, poking holes in them and cooking them.  They ask their daycare friends to help them paint them and turn them into lovely fun kiddie necklaces…who wouldn’t want one?

Yes, who wouldn’t? No one, it seems! We have been overwhelmed by the support and generosity of our customers, family and friends. Ayan even secured a last minute donation from her grandpa (she worked him pretty hard over the phone last week, and the DHL package came in the mail this morning)!  All in all, these kids and the little bead making project that could, raised $5,414.41! Is that even possible?  And it gets better…the federal government is matching all donations for East Africa that are made by tomorrow, so our little project will result in $10,828.82 sent to the adults and kids who need it most right now.

Ayan, when we started this project, Christina and I thought it would be a fun, crafty way to teach you about helping others. But you have turned it into so much more.  We could not be more proud.

** please note! we still have necklaces and will be selling them through to December, but if you have money and you want to support East African Famine Relief, go online and contribute to one of the many NGOs working there today! **

Team Flock!

it may surprise some of you that there are times when i’m just not that subtle.  on those occasions, the subtlety that i usually try to employ just falls by the wayside and i go trudging forward with loud totally inappropriate belly laughter.  it guess it happens to the best of us and yesterday for me, was one of those days…!

i had already been at flock in the morning, spoken to the lovely laura and headed down to workshop to drop off paychecks, chit chat with madeleine and such.  i had to make a stop to pick up a cabinet and then drop it off at flock in the afternoon, so i walk in to flock, cabinet pieces in hand and…i take one look at laura and emily and burst out laughing!  i probably shouldn’t go into detail about the laugh here, but suffice it to say that i dropped a few things and there may or may not a have been spitting involved.  not pretty, no.  i’m not proud of it, just wanted to put it on the record.

what made me laugh so, you may ask?  well, they refused to let me take a full body photo, but laura and emily were dressed e.x.a.c.t.l.y the same! the fates had conspired and somehow yesterday was the day that they both wore the exact same chloe angus skirt (black), each with a coral coloured top and tiny sterling studs (emily’s were stars, laura’s hearts), i guess it’s the new flock uniform! (-;