What are you wearing under there?

workshop and flock have always carried undies because who doesn’t love a pair of cutey cutey underpants under a great dress?  these undies are brand new, a little bit flashy and undeniably fun! handmade in toronto.  $22

We’re Hiring!


Are you a crafty person who loves to be surrounded by lovely and fun things?  do you toot the horn of handmade any chance you get (loudly, so the neighbours can hear)?  are you pleasant and helpful and want to work in a happy, positive environment?  if this is you, then maybe you should consider joining us!

this fall, workshop and flock are sadly losing some of our longtime and very valued staff ladies to toronto and calgary (come on, ladies, seriously!) and so we are looking for the right people to replace them!

Ideally, we would love to hire a couple of lovely ladies who are interested in art, design and fashion; and who appreciate items that are cute as well as ethically made!

Workshop and flock are super fun and silly but sometimes crazy places to work, so we are looking for someone who is personable, dynamic, responsible, self-motivated and outgoing, and who feels comfortable chatting with our customers. We need ladies who can work primarily during the week but who are also open to weekend shifts.

Workshop and flock also occasionally hire ladies who are employed full time elsewhere (usually the government, funny that!) but want to pick up weekend and evening shifts to spice up their work lives a bit so if you happen to be one of those ladies, we would love to meet you too!

** Please note that we aren’t looking for summer staff. These positions would start sometime in mid August.

Think you would be a good fit? If so, please stop by Flock with your resume on THURSDAY JULY 28th from 12-2pm or from 5-7pm, we would love to meet you!  No need to make an appointment, we will be hanging out in the basement drinking cappuccinos waiting for you!


Bridget & Christina


I’ll have my cake and eat it too…

i’ll admit it.  I love cupcakes.  I’m not a huge fan of cake or icing, or fancy toppings like sprinkles and cherries by themselves, but let me tell you – when i see those tiny little mini cakes of madness i get very excited!  there’s something about a cupcake that is celebratory and can be for sharing, but is also personal at the same time.  i don’t miss an episode of CupCake Girls either…he he, kidding.  anyway, i have a 3 year old, so no matter how you slice it, that means cupcakes.  we make them for bake sales, birthday parties, and sometimes just because we feel like it.  Right now, we’re working our way through the Cupcakes For Haiti cookbook (we’re on page 21, not too bad) that i bought at Natalie Roze & Co, my fave shop in Toronto.  We may be a bit extreme when it comes to cute desserts, but cute desserts are in!  All that to say, get some of our cute handmade cupcake toppers today and join in the fun!  $5.50/package, handmade in Ontario.

Calling all Artists!

this paint tube necklace is most definitely the ultimate gift for the artist/crafter in your family!

delicious drape

if a basic top should be able to go with just about anything, then this is the ultimate basic top!  the drape is very flattering for women of all sizes and the top comes in 5 great colours.  best of all, rita – the lovely maker of these tops – just put her entire collection 10% off!  not that you needed another reason… (-;


i may be channeling my inner cindy lauper, but i have always loved and still love thick, heavy bangles.  these ones, which are brand new at workshop, are extra beautiful because they are handmade unfinished wood (love that look!) which burnt etching of cute little birdies, trees and flowers on them.  perfect to pair with a great single colour dress (of which we have many!) for summer!  handmade in ottawa too!  $38

Let’s Be Practical

over the years, people have always commented on how obvious it is that christina and i really love “stuff”.  we carry all kinds of things for reasons like “they’re so cute”, or “how pretty.”  much to the dismay of our suffering husbands, christina and i don’t have any particular use for practicality.  check out these little paper birdhouses – they are soooo cute!  (-;

Transfers to Flock have never been this much fun!

i’m sure most ottawa natives know that between our two shops (Workshop in the Byward market and Flock in Wellington West) lies the beautiful and scenic ottawa river pathway.  i knew it too, but since i live smack dab in the middle of both shops, but not on the parkway, i had never used the huge bike trail that connect our two neighbourhoods.  today i needed to transfer 4 dresses and 1 belt from workshop to flock for customers and decided to do it by bike.  what a lovely experience!  it felt like i was biking in some remote part of gatineau park (seriously, huge trees block out any view/noise from the downtown which lies right behind them).

so…here’s my idea:  some saturday morning, you and a friend plus bikes head out to workshop.  shop dalhousie a bit – check out workshop, milk, victoire, young janes and nest, have the fab breakfast at murray street on dal, get your toes painted at daya, then hop back on your bikes, along the ottawa river pathway.  get off at parkdale, pick up some goodies at the market, shop wellington west and stop for lunch at any of the gazillion great restos in the hood.  you’ll get sunshine, fresh air, a little workout, much shopping eye candy, and you may even run into some geese along the way.  a perfect day in urban ottawa…hmmm….tomorrow is looking sunny!  (-;

my 10 day vintage holiday…

i suppose that any time you go back to the place you are from it feels old school.  i have never had a more vintagy experience than last week, when i packed up my 3 year old and flew her out west for a 10 day road trip through saskatchewan and alberta to explore her heritage (and go to my cousin’s big farm wedding).  we saw all kinds of things that i had always taken for granted – the uber-flat prairie, the fields of bright yellow swaying in the breeze, the lack of traffic…the whole thing was just a royal trip down memory lane!  then, on the last day of our trip – just as i was trying so hard not to fall in love with saskatchewan – we woke up at my aunt susan and uncle ted’s lovely home and my jaw dropped when out came the coffee pot…a wedding present from when they got married in the 70s, this is the coffee pot of my dreams.  oh saskatchewan, how i have missed you!