Flock Gets a Makeover!

okay, so the pics aren’t fabulous (i’m sure those you who read our blog are getting use to my lack of photography skills!), but the mini-makeover sure is!  A couple of weeks ago Workshop got the lovely vinyl lettering that christina and i had talked about for 6 years and yesterday it was Flock’s turn!  Come over and check it out for yourself!

Coming Attraction

this picture is a trailer for wonderful things to come!  these two dresses are the prototypes of laura fauqier’s spring collection, coming soon to a shop near you!  the dresses are lovely soft jersey and the sewn in belts are pieces of her weaving (laura is an accomplished weaver).  fantastic laura!

All of my New Lovely Things…

For those reasonably small yet persistent number of you who always say that i post pics of everyone at workshop and flock except myself (which is true!), this one is for you!  This is a pic of me (really!) wearing my fab new dress by Nicole Boudreau!  Also, didn’t have any earrings to match (of course), so i bought this great vintagy looking pair by Biko.  thanks ladies, i love it all!

xoxo  bridget.

p.s. debbie is buying the dress too, but the earrings are the only pair we have…ha!

Vinyl Cafe

check out these edgy fun earrings, made out of old vinyl records…soooo groovy!

If a tree falls in the forest?

we got a call from zarina’s cell yesterday at about 5:30pm saying that the shop phone had stopped working along with our debit machine in the few minutes after yesterday’s crazy storm…hmmm…i sent christina over to investigate since i had a pressing date with two 3 year olds and a box of mango popsicles and she found the culprit (it was pretty obvious i guess)!  here are the pics of the workshop parking lot!  just to give you an idea of the size of the tree, the little wooden balcony you see under the tree on the right hand side of the photos is a second floor balcony.  thank goodness there was no one around!  (-:

The Ladies of Flock do First Aid!

bright and early yesterday morning christina, laura and i hit the open road and headed out to the Ottawa Paramedics Headquarters to be trained in first aid and c.p.r. and the class was absolutely fantastic!  our instructor, the lovely Sandy with a Y, taught us all kinds of interesting and useful things punctuated by slightly gruesome stories which had the definite effect of driving home the seriousness of what we were learning.  we also had a quite a bit of fun…check out the pics!


Time & Textures

many of you know laura as the lovely lady of flock boutique – always there to tell you about a designer or to help you find a fabulous dress for a special occasion!  some of you may also know that she is a very talented weaver.  this is the first time, however, that we have had the pleasure of showcasing a series of laura’s photographs, so you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to check it out!  laura’s collection of photographs and weaving is in flock’s gallery space until July 1st.  the gallery is open during regular shop hours, so come along and take a peek!  congrats on a great show, laura!

Workshop Window Makeover!

Well, it only took us 6 years but we have finally put some cute vinyl lettering in the front windows of Workshop! kudos to christina for a job well done!  check it out:

Check out our New Jewellery!

even my limited photography skills can’t kill the vivid image of this new collection!  love the tiny details like little gold leaves and brassy vintage pieces like magnifying glasses and old keys.  come see it in person!

Biking Accessories!

this is the perfect scarf for biking…hmmm…it even matches christina’s new bike…