The Year of the Clutch

this is the one i have my eye on!

i have decided that this year is the year of the clutch, for me anyway!  i know many of you ladies out there have been carrying these ever so fashionable accents for years, but i have always erred on the side of practicality and i have just never found clutches that practical.

that is until i showed up at a wedding last summer in a great dress, super cute heels and… my giant black leather purse with the strap across my chest…hmmm…not super cute, i could have given that a bit more thought!

this year, i won’t have the same problem thanks to celia, of paco&lupe, who just sent us a great box filled with 6 of her beautiful, bright and bold, wedding appropriate clutches…now the only decision is which one to buy!

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Love Affair

the ladies of workshop have had a long-standing love affair with meghan, super creator of this vintagy lace blouse.  meghan has been selling at workshop for years and we’re delighted that her collection just keeps surprising us every season!  we only get one size run of each piece, so don’t wait!  (since meghan only produces teeny tiny size runs, her collection is only carried at workshop…boo hoo, sorry flock!)

The Ultimate Little Red Dress

This is what the front window looks like today at Workshop…i think this may be the ultimate date dress!

Kiss Me!

check out these hankies…good old lip smackin’, get-your-neighbours talking kinda fun!  we also have a bunch of other kinds…the ones with the fortune cookie messages on them are my personal fave!  oh avril, what kind of loveliness will you come up with next?

Pictures of Flock’s 1st Vernissage

So we finally opened our gallery space, whew!  It’s been a long time coming, and thanks to the lovely and talented Laura Fauquier who somehow managed to organize it all without us even noticing, the gallery has come to life!  Our first artist, Flock’s very own Terry Charette, is showing her work May 1st – 31st.  Come in and check it out!  Here are pics of the vernissage which took place May 5th, thanks to everyone who came out and packed the shop!

Laura Vo Hearts Melow


the spin...

the twirl...

enough said. she loves these pants.




Laura’s Pick of the Week!


Laura Jumping in her new Chloe Angus Skirt

Laura loves the new collection we just got – Chloe Angus (who i recently found out i went to high school with) – especially the bamboo skirt!  She loves that it’s uber-comfy (“the material feels like butter!”) and can be worn 3 ways – Flock is all about the convertible pieces theses days!  So, come on in and get yours – organic bamboo, totally handmade and only $89…better get while the getting is good!

Flock Boutique is now hosting Crafty Parties!

Flock Boutique is now offering private classes for special events like bridal showers and birthday parties for crafty people of all ages! We have two options for adult parties and two options for kids. All classes are held at Flock Boutique at 1275 Wellington Street West. For questions or registration please call Flock Boutique at (613) 695-0834 or email


Beginner Jewellery Party

$45+HST (special guest is free!), 3 hrs

Minimum 6 participants required (maximum of 10)

You can learn all of the basics of beaded jewellery making in less than 3 hours! No experience is required and you will leave the party with between 4 and 8 finished pairs of earrings.


Needle Felting/Beginner Jewellery Party

$60+HST (special guest is free!), 3.5 hrs

Minimum 6 participants required (maximum of 10)

In this class you will learn the basics of both needle felting and making your own beaded jewellery! All materials will be provided and you will leave with your own felted item, a few pairs of earrings and all the skills you need to do it over and over again!


Mixed Media Art Class for Kids!

$25+HST (special guest is free!), 2 hours

Minimum 4 participants required (maximum  of 7)

1-2 Parent Volunteers required for supervision

Join Flock Boutique for an artistic afternoon of collage and creativity! In this class students will have a chance to use their imagination to create a fantastic piece of art to decorate your home with!


Cupcake Decorating Class for Kids!

$25+HST (special guest is free!), 1.5 hrs

Minimum 4 participants required (maximum  of 7)

1-2 Parent Volunteers required for supervision

Swing by Flock Boutique for an afternoon of cake, icing, art and excitement! In this class kids will plan, create and consume (in moderation!) cupcakes to bring home for the whole family to enjoy! Please note that ingredients may contain traces of nuts and that students should bring an apron or oversized shirt to protect their clothes.


Goodies for your Happy Camper!

Lynn at Workshop with one of her pieces!

The talented and fantastic Lynn of Electropura is now selling her collection of re-worked vintage finds at both Workshop and Flock!  We’re always on the lookout for fab duds for the little hipsters out there and now we’ve got some!  come in and check out her stuff – each piece is one-of-a-kind and, of course, totally recycled…here’s her eco-hurrah!  flock’s own little chicken bought one of her pieces (she borrowed the money) and she is pictured sporting it a few blog posts back (see Mother’s Day is Magnificent post)!