workshop is renovating!


oppps…we’re doing it again! and on a bit of short notice this time…! i guess christina and i truly do love the ambush renovation. i wonder if there will ever be a time when we just enjoy paint instead of applying it? appreciate shelving instead of installing it? smile at great wallpaper instead of standing on a 12 foot ladder above an open staircase putting it up?

probably not. i guess that’s just who we are! so…this week workshop will be CLOSED for painting/hammering/adding general loveliness to the shop!

we’re sorry if this causes any inconvenience! come in on saturday, march 5th and check out the result of all the madness!


p.s. the “sultan’s palace” red that we have loved for the last many years is going to go…but we have yet to pick a colour to replace it – come and see what we choose!

Take a Class!


Beat the winter blahs and take a class!  All of our upcoming classes will be held in Flock Boutique which, as i’m sure most of your know, is located at 1275 Wellington Street West. All materials will be provided.

For questions or registration please call Flock at (613) 695-0834!

Let the fun begin…here’s what we are offering…

Crafts for Kids!:
Sunday February 20, 2011
Suitable for ages 6-10

Sign up for art instructor Laura Fauquier’s second class of the year! In this class Laura will take your child on an underwater adventure with a mixed-media aquatic-themed collage. The class will also include a section on pop-up art!

Adult Beginner Jewellery Class:
Thursday March 3, 2011

You can learn all of the basics of beaded jewellery making in less than 3 hours! Bridget Remai, co-owner of Flock Boutique, will take you through the basic tools and techniques required to make beaded jewellery. You should leave the class with between 4 and 8 finished pairs of earrings.

Painting for Kids!:
Sunday March 27, 2011
Suitable for ages 5-10

Sign your kids up for a bird-themed painting extravaganza! Laura Fauquier will be running this event and your child will leave with a lovely nature-themed painting to decorate your home!

A is for Apron:
Wednesday March 2, 9 and 16

In this workshop, Heidi Laing will teach you to whip up an apron that will have you looking for excuses to get in the kitchen! Sewing machines will be supplied for use during this course.

Learn to Make A Reversible Purse:
Thursday March 24

Spring WILL come and you need a light, cheerful little purse. Maybe to hang off your handlebars or prettily on your wrist… Heidi Laing will be teaching this great intro to sewing: come on out beginners! Sewing machines will be supplied for use during this course.


just wanted to let everyone out there know that i ordered duct cleaning online (seriously, my first online purchase), that workshop is going to have a makeover (keep your eyes peeled…our signature “boudoir” may get an overhaul!) and that our much awaited SPRING TURNK SALE is right around the corner!

so…save the date: MARCH 24th 6-9pm…see you at Workshop for great deals on past collections, samples, slightly imperfect items – have something nobody else has… support independent designers while you assert your individuality! (-: