*snap* kathleen


i just ambushed the fabulous kathleen – one of our regular customers – at the cash as she purchased the great hat and scarf she is sporting! thanks kathleen…enjoy!

pumpkins in the window


pumpkins 2

it’s officially fall at workshop…check out these lovely fabric pumpkins… handmade by our very own sarah-kate!

what a hoot!

hilary cosgrove owls

duh…i know my title was a bit cliche, but it had to be said! these pillows make the most perfect gifts, handmade here in ontario by the lovely hillary.

dagg & stacey…two of my favourite ladies!

as many of you know, i love dagg & stacey. most days i can be seen wearing one of their gorgeous tunics. they do tunics very very well. paired with leggings and boots, the tunic is perfect for fall. it’s warm and not baggy and cumbersome – easy to slide beneath your winter coat!

dagg and stacey pic

here’s to fall and to the two lovely ladies behind dagg & stacey! in the pic, you see their sabine tunic (made in t.o) paired with a classic rachel f belt (montreal) and a creations encore handbag (montreal). fall…here we come! (-:

sweet things!

forgot to share with everyone this lovely little article written about us…


fall is for fashion

sandwich board 2

okay, i’m just going to put it out there: fall is my favourite season. yup, followed closely by winter. i know it’s not a popular position to take…and trust me, i’m not into snow shovelling or taking long walks with soggy boots full of half melted snow. nope, not at all, especially not these days with a 2 year old to bundle up, who will inevitably tell me she has to go to the bathroom as soon as her snow pants are done up. no, fall and winter definitely have their drawbacks. but, what i think we may all be able to agree on…is that fall fashion is tops!

those gorgeous heavy coats, lovely comfy sweaters and… the scarves…oh, the scarves!

lovely scarves on front  table 2

this is what it looks like when you walk in to workshop these days…beautiful tunics, winter weight wool, great accessories to keep you stylish and warm. these scarves are brand new, handmade by helen. helen is an accomplished potter from montreal (see earlier blog posts) who also happens to be my mom…lucky me! she makes these killer scarves – they are toasty and comfy and you can wear them in a number of different ways. as an added touch, each of those bright textured buttons you see are handmade by her and fired in her giant kiln.

white scarf w coloured buttons

come on in and see why all of the workshop gals are clamouring to get one!


two scarves on manequin

urban baby, we’ve got stuff for you too!

ayan kids hat

check out these great kiddie hats, all handmade in winnipeg by the lovely wanda june.

woo hoo! we’re in the design sponge ottawa city guide!

check us out at


thanks design sponge!

workshop has a biggie big sister!

okay, no blog posts for while…christina and i have been busy bees and up to some (sort of) super secret stuff! we decided that we still had enough creativity, energy and craziness inside us to do it again, so… we opened a new shop!

Flock Boutique (be careful how you pronounce that!) is workshop’s possibly more sophisticated older sister…complete with gorgeous 12 foot ceilings, uber expensive wallpaper and 1200 puzzle pieces glued to the cash!

here are a few pics i took today…check us out at 1275 wellington st. west and at www.flockboutique.com and enjoy even more lovely goodies from canada’s funnest and most fabulous canadian designers!

flockflock cash