damned dollies

damned dolly

christina and i have loved these dollies from the moment we saw them.  i wasn’t totally sure about putting them in the shop window (to be fair, ottawa can be a pretty conservative town and we had just opened…didn’t want to anger our customer base of friends and family!), but we did.

a few days after they had made their debut, an elderly lady walked in through the front door and quite dramatically asked to speak with the owner.  cowering behind the desk, quite sure that i was about to get a slap on the wrist, she had me come with her to the window and asked me about the dolls.  i told her as best as i could about dana, the lady who made them, and about how cute i thought they were.  i was diplomatic and gave her my best “don’t be mad at me if this isn’t your vibe” smile.

then she asked me about the butcher knife one of them was carrying.  i was pretty sure my career as a shop owner was over.  and after only a couple of months.  and the shop looked so good.  too bad.

“uhhh, ummm, i don’t exactly know what she was thinking when she made that one,” i stammered.

then the lady started to laugh, almost hysterically.  she asked me to get it out of the window.  she wanted to buy it.  she put down her hard earned money and told me that it was going to sit on her desk, front and centre, so she could look at it every day.

“i know what she was thinking”, she said as she walked out the door…

Loot Leather Hair Clips

loot hair clip

christina is making these fab hair clips, all lovely hand-silkscreened recycled leather…that lady is great with a hot glue gun!  (-:

hey ladies!

a quick note today… christina scooped up some new wallets, belts and other lovely goodies from Rachel F at the last ladyfest craftsale! come check them out, super cute hand silkscreened recycled leather…and made in mtl! what more could a girl want??rachel f wallets